Saturday, April 2, 2011

Is he really writing about birds again?!

I don’t like bullies anymore than you people that aren’t bullies like bullies.  But I don’t think that starlings are bullies.  I just think they are trying to eke out a living in North America.  They did not ask to be brought here.

Some Englishman brought a lot of them here against their will and released them in Central Park back in the 1800’s because he missed them.  What a wussy. The guy should have just turned the page and moved on.  Look what happened.  They’re everywhere.  Millions and millions.  Maybe trillions and jillions.  What a fiasco.

Yesterday I watched a starling drive a cute little downy woodpecker from my wife’s suet feeder.  Today I watched a starling drive a robin – yes, robin - from her suet feeder.  I admit, I have not done an intensive case study on such battles but even to watch a couple of them I was disturbed.

My patriotic juices flow when watching American birds dominated by foreign invaders.  Where’s a Cooper’s hawk when you need him?  Hey, wait a minute, none of us but Indians can truly complain about what is indigenous and what is not.

I don’t hate starlings.  I admire their tenacity.  They just need to leave our little downy’s alone.

M. G. Sparks